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June 10, 2010 – “You Feel Every Heart Beating, Take Your Last Step” From the new CD “Open Book” by TYAGARAJA

Late last Saturday afternoon at the Free Press Summer Fest’s Dos Equis Stage, somewhere in between the hours of 4 – 5pm, something pretty cool was going on…

The musicians and crew from Tyagaraja were setting flowers and plants around the stage, lighting incense sticks that were put into those same pots (the fragrance filled the air), organic lollipops were being passed around and even fruit was given to the audience…Rose petals were gently tossed out and beautiful, rich draperies were being placed in front of the stage.

But it wasn’t a stage anymore. No. When Tyagaraja came out to perform, the platform became a home of sorts and rather than just an audience, we became guests…

And what a glorious host Tyagaraja was. Aside from the tangible treats, our host gave us so much more. We were given an experience in music that had so much passion and depth that if you just let go and trusted in the music – you were richly rewarded. A reward that only a bond in music can create…

“The purpose of this music is for some sort of awakening to happen in the heart of the listener. Within the lyrics of the songs there is always a message. The verses are the question and the chorus is the answer.” - TYAGARAJA

Take a listen to Tyagaraja’s just released CD “Open Book” right HERE and see what I mean. But you should experience a live performance as well. The next show in Houston will be Saturday, June 19th at 3pm, at Cactus Music. It’s a free show. In the meantime, there is a video below!

Keep up with Tyagaraja through his website, or the band’s Myspace, Facebook or Youtube.

Tyagaraja is led by namesake Tyagaraja Welch (guitar, vocals). Many performers make up the actual musical act though: Keegan Daleo (guitar), David Garcia (drums), Aaron Hermes (sitar), Jeremy Nuncio (piano, keyboards, organ), Alaap Parikh (tabla), Mike Poulos (bass) Hillary Sloan (violin) and Michael Don Welch (guitar, vocals).

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