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Summer Fest Yoga

Tyagaraja will be delivering yet another unique performance at this year’s Free Press Summer Fest.  This two weekend festival is putting Houston on the map and bringing acts like Snoop Dog, Flaming Lips, Avett Brothers and more…

Summer Fest 2012 Trailer! Intense!

Listen/Download Tyagaraja\’s Music!

Look for the “Tyaga Tent” at this year’s Summer Fest for FREE YOGA SESSIONS, live music, farming advice, and hand made or Indian Jewelry.  The “Tyaga Tent” is thus far pending approval…

"Tyaga Tent" provides FREE YOGA SESSIONS, live music, and hand made or India Jewelry

Look for us in the wooded knoll! That's what he said...

FREE YOGA SESSION from last year's Summer Fest

Live from previous Summer Fest

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