Sustainable Humane Earth

Urban Permaculture with Love and Happiness

We are proud to announce the launch of the our non-profit platform Sustainable Humane Earth.  We are soon to announce the crowd funding campaign that will align with starting up the non-profit infrastructure.  SHE is currently engaged in numerous actions in the Austin area and has plans to extend local and global communities in SHE’s very necessary vision.  Now SHE needs your support and spirited participation to move forward in the efforts of a Sustainable Humane Earth.

Here is a description of what SHE is all about, and how you will benefit through your participation.

Sustainable Humane Earth is a non-profit platform steeped in a truly rich artistic and mindful lifestyle.  Dedicated to supporting the Indigenous/fine arts, dance, music, inner healing and transformation, yoga, meditation, healthy eating and activity, permaculture, place making, land rejuvenation, and a diverse cultural experience that garners true sense of community and humanity.  Tyagaraja Welch and Gunjen Mittal are the founders of S.H.E.  As model citizens it is their goal to give to the local and world wide communities the very skills and education that have transformed their lives making them pillars of the community.  Training ranges from Classical Indian Dance, to music, art and event producing, to permaculture design and earth activism.  The world is riding a wave that’s flying through an Apex and this transformation of ingenuity is on the peek of the tide.  With mass wildfires, climate change, and global unrest, SHE stands to be a trustworthy pillar of society.  Through our joined efforts we most certainly can make a positive global impact and a movement toward a Sustainable Humane Earth…

What are you participating in?

S.H.E is near a major turning point.  All the research and conceptualising has been completed.  Now we are ready to incorporate as a 501c3.  The funds raised through this campaign will be directly used for this process.  SHE is filing as “tax-exempt” status 501c3.  From there S.H.E uses the left over funds to begin grant writing, event planning, design an interactive and comprehensive educational website, producing work shops, engaging in community building and community service. (S.H.E is already donating time and resources to the Hutto Elementary and Austin Aquaponics Perma-Garden and Education Center, with many other projects scheduled.) ect, your participation directly influences this process and allows the vision of S.H.E. to thrive.  This is truly a conception point and we can all make it happen together.

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