Tyagaraja All the Names of God Promo Video

Video shot by Zenfilm during performances at Warehouse Live and Free Press Summer Fest.


Tyagaraja Tours India, Indiegogo Page “Take the Journey With Us!”

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Tyagaraja Tours India

Indiegogo Fundraiser Page

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Our Story

In Simple form:

Tyagaraja, a conscientious singer/songwriter with a strong artistic vision from the Houston/Austin area has independently produced his own 2 albums and toured in the U.S. He is setting up for his 2nd tour to India and needs to reach a goal of $3,501.00 to cover expenses from 11-29-11 to 2-7-12, spanning major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune and more.  Tyagaraja has teamed up with a group of musicians and teachers from Pune, India that will accompany him as a backing band and will also be touring with his wife Gunjen Mittal, a  classically trained Indian dancer, who brings the performance art aspect to the band. The purpose is to bring a powerfully uplifting show to the East, unlike any other show ever experienced by the Indian masses and to garner support for his future visions of positively shaping humanity.

More about Tyagaraja:

Tyagaraja is a dynamic and inspirational artist with a sincere message of love. His live performances are transcendental experiences leaving the participant with complete sensory overload. Tyaga has been given his name by his South Indian teacher and uses his travels, philosophy and emotion in each and every song, performance, and interaction in the world…

Tyagaraja Live song Wearing the Crown Dharmageddon 2011

Live Video from Dharmageddon show Aug 12th Houston Tx

Tyaga Live Mandala

Photo by Jason Smith

Photo by Jason Smith

Tyagaraja Live solo acoustic @ Rudyard’s in Hou Tx song, “We Will Meet Again.”

Part of a small piece of this world is; one day we all just have to let go and maybe even say Goodbye

Tyagaraja Live “Dream the Everlasting Life.” Youtube clip

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