“Tyaga Tent” Returns to Free Press Summer Fest

“Tyaga Tent” Returns to Free Press Summer Fest!
June 2nd and 3rd 10am-Close
Eleanor Tinsley Park
Come hang out for Free Yoga sessions, stay for our sweet jams and other exciting stuff…

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"Tyaga Tent" @FPSF June 2nd and 3rd 2012 start to finish FREE YOGA Acoustic Music all day Art.Music.Life (festival awareness outreach) Sustainability, Urban Farming, and Permaculture Advising Hand Made Jewelry Tyagaraja Discounted Merchandise

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Summer Fest a Day of Mourning…

Keep your stuff in sight, some people just wanna steal thangs… One year ago this Summer Fest 3 of my journals where stolen in a laptop bag. I’m still in mourning. Summer Fest has bitter-sweet memories for me… I know it may be silly to mourn my journals when there is so much sadness and blood shed in the world, but I can’t help it, it hurts…

Let’s be honest, putting something together like Free Press Summer Fest is a huge undertaking.  Things aren’t made any easier if people jack you of your most prized possessions in the process.  Yes, this self proclaimed yogi has prized possessions and attachments.  Many people connected with me at that time to give support and lend some help.  Cactus Music even helped getting in the twitter game to bring them back to me.  I’m still not over it.  One year ago I lost my most precious musings.  3 full notebooks spanning over 8-10 years of my life… things I have written down from my teachers mouth, and priceless images of my travels in India.  Completely irreplaceable memories and some of my best lifelong writings.  There are no copies.  People told me there was a deeper meaning and that all that work was still inside me.  I responded to that in an earlier blog here: Dealing with Loss.  So Summer Fest in Houston Texas is now attached with these feelings for me.   We will be performing the festival again this year and I’ll have to dedicate a portion to my books. I am still hoping and praying that whom ever stole my precious books has been living with them, reading them and somehow reads this blog and decides that the best thing to do is bring them back to me.  If you have any information about where they may be, call a brotha…

Get Summer Fest tickets if you dare here:   Summer Fest Tickets

For now I’ll turn you to a poem I wrote while in India this last time around.  It’s more like a love letter to my books I suppose.  Sorry it’s a bit dim, that’s what blogs are about sometimes I suppose… a cry out…

My Darlings

I miss you my darlings.

Your words stay in my heart but your faces don’t show themselves long enough for me to make any sense of it all…  Will I ever remember those thousands of precious words?  Those beautiful words and their limitless meanings and potential.  I hold them so dear.  Are they within me?  Or are they in limbo lost in the dancing space?

I hear some songs ringing clearly reminding me of those precious experiences and awakenings.  Some tunes never come to mind they were never meant to be I suppose… Locked in a vault of the stolen prison of my mind on paper.  My hand transcends the message and the words lived and breathed the manifestation of my body.  Those soft pages held the fragrance of my soul.

The Books as a whole represent the legacy of my life.  Where are you my darlings??? I will forever be in search for you…

two of my precious babies, and the rare mercury sri chakra murti I found in India

starting over...

We'll be in the wooded area again this year trying to give some free yoga lessons and what not, maybe you could bring my books back to me...

Tyagaraja All the Names of God Promo Video

Video shot by Zenfilm during performances at Warehouse Live and Free Press Summer Fest.


Tyagaraja Return Home Show at Texas Yoga Conference Feb 17th

Tyagaraja’s Return Home Show after amazing India Tour!

bhakti bash brown
Tyaga Theater 2 webversion

Tyagaraja Return Home Performance after an amazing India Tour Feb 17th UofH

Tyagaraja Performs for the first time in US since his India Tour at the Texas Yoga Conference Bhakti Bash Event.  Tyagaraja will be performing with his full band and with Classical Indian Dancer Gunjen Mittal.

Concert will be held at:

UH Recreation and Wellness Center:

Feb 17th 5:30pm

$20 ticket

See for more information and registering.

Directions to the campus:

Along side Tyagaraja’s performance Gunjen Mittal will also be presenting her Yoga/Dance workshop at the Yoga Conference itself.

Click on this link for a look at what the India Tour was like! Clips from Tyagaraja\’s Big Show at the biggest venue in Mumbai \”Blue Frog\”

Tyagaraja's Live Show is an Artistically Theatrical Experience!

India Tour Schedule

New bookings from Yoga workshops to live shows have been added. More to come!

New bookings and dates have been added.  Tyagaraja and Gunjen Mittal have been in Mumbai networking and setting up many different events from Yoga to Music!  See below!

Dec 21st – Tyagaraja Solo Performance Ivy Grand 9pm

Dec 25th – Dance Performance with Expressions Modern Dance Company

Dec 26th – 28h in Pune

Jan 1st – Ivy Grand New Years Celebrations 9pm – 1am

Jan 3rd – Tyagaraja w/ band from Pune Blue Frog 10pm

Jan 5th – Tyagaraja performs with Hipnotribe Hard Rock Cafe’ Mumbai 10pm

Jan 14th – 20th – Tyagaraja and Gunjen teach Yoga/Dance and Meditation workshops at The Art Loft

Jan 27th  - Tyagaraja performs in association with Muziclub at Arc Asia Pune 8:30pm

Jan 29th – Tyagaraja acoustic solo set at The Farmers Market Bandra Mumbai 12noon-2pm

Feb 3rd – New Delhi venue and times TBA

more to come…