Light Wheel Debut Release of “The Keeper”

Light Wheel Debut Release of “The Keeper”

This music is dedicated to the recent tragic passing of my uncle, Greg Welch. My partner, Evan Dunivan, and I have labored with love over this new project and we are beyond thrilled to share it with you.

Light Wheel, a musical duo from Austin, TX, consists of vocalist/songwriter Tyagaraja and producer/multi-instrumentalist Evan Dunivan.  Their first single, The Keeper, is a blend of sweeping vocals, dynamic soundscapes, and intuitive rhythms.  Stay tuned as the next single “Mammon” is to be released in a few weeks!

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Stream the debut release “The Keeper”

Tyagaraja India Tour Fast Motion

Get an inside look at what the India Tour 2012 was like, with this fast motion preview…

Tyagaraja “High Beings” promo Video

Tyagaraja’s song High Beings. Footage was filmed during Tyagaraja’s stay at “The Ranch,” to produce the song Meaning of Life with Josh Moore and Derek Dunivan.

TyagaTentFlyer web version

Tyagaraja All the Names of God Promo Video

Video shot by Zenfilm during performances at Warehouse Live and Free Press Summer Fest.


New Single Released! “The Meaning of Life”

Official release of Tyagaraja’s new single! “The Meaning of Life”

TyagaTentFlyer web version
Artwork by Joe Zuniga

Artwork by Joe Zuniga