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In a Divine Conversation there is no need for persuasion just an ability to use one’s power to agree.  The “power to agree” is not blind faith.  The power to agree can be viewed as seeing truth that is relative to one’s understanding, letting it wash over and diving deep into Its True Essence.  The more this is cultivated the faster and more clearly deep understanding takes place in one who is the witness.

The more we speak the more our words can become arbitrary.  The more silence and love we cultivate the more we are using the language of the Divine.  If there is love and purity in our speech our vitality increases and a radiant–lighted energy moves through and around the body, and the more one finds one needs less words to express this Divine Feeling.  This energy is felt by all that come into contact with it, and too adds to the vitality of those receptive to it.  Also felt by all that come into contact with it is hateful speech, and in both parties there is a fast depletion of energy, they grow tiresome and week.  This depletion of energy causes vulnerability to illness, death and a quick tendency for general negative acts.  Divine Speech is nourishing, Divine Silence is Divine Sustenance.

Divine Speech is not only orated.  One who is absorbed in Divine Silence is saying just as much if not more than those with kind and loving speech.  The energy is much more subtle and can travel a greater distance.  When the silence finally breaks in one who is watching their breath and radiating Divine Light of Silence, their words are mindful and powerful.

Sage Bhagavan Ramana Maharishi spent 53 years mostly absorbed in silence. Some of his devotees never heard his voice and still so many teachings and Divine Love was transmitted in Divine Silence. Even though he has left the body a Deep Radiance is still left in his Samadhi and Ashram grounds in and around the sacred mountain Arunachala in Tiruvanamalai, Tamilnadu India

The healing and truth that comes from observing  the purity of silence ironically cannot be summed in words.  To me this is the highest form of communication.  The Language of God cannot possibly be restricted into words.  Yet, human beings continue to place names and definitions on the forms of the Divine.

Some souls have been granted the gift of a singing voice and musical ability.  Deep emotions can be felt even in melody without words if the intentions are pure.  Some instruments are designed to replicate the intonations of the human voice, such as the veena or the violin.  From what we know about the sound vibrations of certain words and the powerful connection of certain seed letters in mantra, the words we use can be and are very powerful.  Therefore as artists and especially singers it is very important the words you use and what you choose to express to others.  The listener is experiencing your story within the fabric of their being.  If you project hate and depravity others will feel that from you and within themselves.  Likewise love, understanding and heartfelt–sincere emotions can move the listener into a state of catharsis and healing.  Some negative–lower level emotions can be expressed and help an individual to realize they are not alone in pain and confusion, yet even still the song must have some sort of an uplifting solution, otherwise the two (listener and artist) are stuck in a cycle of negativity.

Maha Saraswati Devi, Divine Mother aspect of Knowledge, Arts, Music, Dance and Creativity. When we offer our highest form of Celestial Music we are paying homage to the highest aspect of Divine Mother.

The purpose of Divine Communication is cultivating healthy relationships and uncovering samskara (latent impressions of past or negative emotions).  Through Divine Speech loving relationships can literally heal the world around us.  Divine Celestial Music plays a universal role in the advancement toward a liberated society.  The artist, like an Angel, communicates a great deal of inexplicable emotions thus gives a huge contribution to the whole of the human heart.

If you should wish to have an orated Conversation with the Divine, Mantra is a high Path.  Through the Sanskrit Prayana (Oration of Sanskrit Mantra) we pull on the sacred thread of the Divine.  The Divine Source is awakened within us, and through this link of mantra It comes alive.  The energy field created by correct mantra oration is likewise energizing, replenishing, stimulating and fueled by the Divine Language of God.  Correct pronunciation of Sanskrit Mantra is key because the structure of vibrational quality is very specific in bringing about the fructification and benefits of the Divine Oration.  For this it is important to have close contact with an authentic source of instruction found within an authentic Guru.  Peoples all over the world pray to the Divine Source using our many varieties of human language and if spoken with purity our voice is heard and reflected back at us.  Thus, a Divine Relationship is born.  If we Divinize our conversations in daily situations just as we hold so dearly the purity in our prayers then our entire life is a waking relationship “In Divine Conversation.”  Mantra is not only in the form of Sanskrit.  Daily affirmations in any language supports one’s focus and one’s pure desire for a more positive and uplifting life.  The Divine is not an external source It’s found within, and when we give ourselves clear affirmations we are guiding ourselves with a map toward the Divine within as in the Sankalpa (instructions of how benefits and blessings are dispersed during a puja or prayer ceremony).  Whether with words, Mantra, or in Divine Silence, our conversations grant tangible feelings of grace known as bhava.  Imagine a world of Divine Conversation and the sustainability and sustenance it would create.  Nay, do not just imagine it, practice it.  In reality it is easier said than done.  Divine Conversation takes a steadiness and control of breath (pranayama), will power, and a cultivation of good health and wealth (artha).  All these practices are the essence of cultivation of bhava or Divine Feelings.

Finally, nature (Divine Mother Earth) is in communication at all times.  The plants, trees, animals, birds, even the mountains and sky are all offering their communication and energy transmission.  The trees and plants communicate with you and release their love and understanding in the form of breathable air, clean ecosystem, foods and nourishment, and even more subtle forms.  When one beholds a beautiful river or mountainous place there is a deep healing and peace that overwhelms one’s heart.  The memories become encapsulated in the heart for the rest of our lives, and some may even draw upon these memories in times of stress in order to bring themselves back to that state of being.  As human beings, our responsibility of the communication with Divine Mother Earth is honor, understanding and respect.

Sitting inside a waterfall in remote mountains of Andhra Pradesh, a sacred pond called "Vishnu Kund" Ancient Rishis were said to have meditated here and one can hear their mantras bouncing off the mountain as the water trickles down.

Mother Earth is so graciously giving over everything we need in order to survive and if we are destroy Her or desecrate Her, then we are not honoring that Divine Relationship.  Indigenous Peoples of the Earth that are in tune with Her cycles and patterns have a great deal to teach the modern human, to help the modern human come back home to the Divine Relationship and oneness with the Earth.

On the Sacred Mountain Arunachala in Tirvanamalai Tamilnadu India

In a desperate world full of suffering and chaos, it is our duty to develop these higher understandings and this level of mindfulness.  Sometimes efforts toward peace or a healed–regenerative world can feel quite hopeless.  It is in these moments when our Divine Love and Divine Communication needs to be even more steadfast, for what else have we to offer?  What will our human legacy leave behind?  What will save humanity from destroying each other and the world?  It starts with our communication, our understanding, our mindfulness.  To Divinize one’s communication is a massive first step toward these higher goals.  I pray with all of my being we reach this destination as a global force of Loving Kindness in Divine Conversation with one another…

Divine Communication in Silence with Grandpa Don