Summer Fest

Introducing “The Tyaga Tent” @ Free Press Summer Fest 2011 June 4th-5th

The Tyaga Tent at Free Press Summer Fest will be One of Its Kind!



Poster Art by Joe Zuniga his website here!

Tyagaraja Interview with Pretty Riot

Let me tell you this. If you haven’t seen a Tyagaraja show get ready to see something different and musically stimulating. This is a band with honest, undeniable talent and strong vocals. I’m going to go a little free spirit on you real quick; you can feel the positivity in the air at a Tyagaraja show. You never leave in a bad mood and if your lucky you might even get a slice of papaya! Maybe that he hangs flags on his stage or lights incense before playing a show seems a little hippie dippy to you, ok fine. But there will be no doubting that the music is damn good. Keep your mind open and you will see a talented man with a gifted band behind him. One of Houston’s finest for sure. And can I just say he is one of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met.

Lucky for you my dears, there is even going to be a Tyagaraja Tent at Summerfest. Word on the street is there will be some Houston locals swinging through to play some music and you can also catch a yoga class lead by Tyagaraja himself. After being in the heat that long you may need some zen in your life. I’ll let him explain it better….

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The Loop Scoop becomes a new Tyagaraja fan

Free Press Summer Fest 2010: Something to Call Our Own by Paul, The Loop Scoop

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June 8, 2010 – …Fortunately for our group, Tyagaraja took the stage immediately for the following set. I was informed early and often that we needed to stick around for the man swathed in bright orange fabric. I’m an easy sell and the performance reinforced all the accolades, putting yet another Houston band on my radar. With a sitar on stage and lyrics that dive beneath fathoms of cliched rhymes, Tyagaraja blew through their album release performance and garnered at least one more fan.

As the crowds started to gather on the slope facing the main stage, claiming beach toweled territory like conquistadors, you start to realize that it’s pretty easy to be a fan of the Houston “underdogs” like Sideshow Tramps and Tyagaraja. Knowing that these bands, given a little bit of luck and exposure that all groups need, could easily be usurping the national acts is even more comforting, even if that means you might have to sacrifice a better spot on the lawn…