Yoga Vidyalayam

Meditation on the Sacred Ganga River in Rishikesh India creating a deep sense of wellness and mindfulness.

Tyagaraja is now giving classes at Flow Yoga in Cedar Park Tx Monday and Wednesday evenings @ 7:15pm

700 East Whitestone Boulevard  Suite 201
Cedar Park, TX 78613

Course Description:

Wellness and Mindfulness a Holistic Daily Yogic Practice

In order to rise to the highest potential as a shining human being we must first have complete Wellness.  This Wellness will naturally lead to Mindfulness, thus creating a complete daily way of life.  Yoga and Meditation are a deep and ancient science.  The combined teaching of Tyagaraja from ancient Mountain Path Hamsa Yoga Vinyasa of Swami Vidyadhishananda and deep authentic practice in India and all of US, this style of Yoga, Meditation and Pranayama is the most authentic system available.  Beginners through Advanced students are more than welcome.

The Course includes and is not limited to the following:

-Developmental (combining strengthening, and proper alignment in preparation for deepening the yogic practice.)

-Wellness course (includes meditation, pranayama, correct use of Jal Neti “Neti pot”, focuses on diet, and everyday mindful living, keeping your yogic practice intact all day long.)

-Mindfulness and stress relief (With Pranayama and Meditation learning how to get in tune and listen to the body as well as yogasana designed for stress relief.)


Asana of the Week

Pada Hastasana

(Standing Forward Bend, Touching the Feet)

Stand with the spine straight and the chin level.  Fully exhale.  Inhale, raising the arms overhead stretching from the web of the thumb lifting the rib cage at the top of the inhale.  Exhale, bend forward with back and legs straight.  Once you feel the pull in the back of the legs let the knees bend slightly as the back rounds and the head drapes over the knees (all done on the exhale matching the movement with the breath).   Gently place the palms of the hands underneath the feet.  Inhale straight the spine and the legs as you pull against your feet with your hands.  Exhale and deepen the stretch.  Repeat 5 times.  To come out of the bend inhale, straighten the spine completely as you come up half way, then ad the weight of the arms as you come to standing with arms overhead.  Exhale lower the arms.  Repeat entire sequence 5 times.

Pada Hastasana

Pada Hastasana

Counter Pose



Lay down flat on the stomach with the spine straight and the legs passive.  Bring the hands near the rib cage palms down fingers pointed toward the head, forehead on the ground.  Inhale, pull with the palms lifting the upper body half way. Exhale lift the hands off the ground maintaining the half arch in the upper back.  Inhale press the palms back into the round as you lift the body and arch the spine.  Repeat 5 times.